k manager

the solution for your business

It's a system to manage your business information, automate your processes, and support you in decision-making by analyzing data.


You can have countless businesses in one system. It doesn't matter if you have one or more businesses, you can manage them from the same platform.


You can perform any trade with any currency. Buy and sell in pesos, euros, dollars, marks, francs, yen, etc. Never mind, the system will give you all your numbers in your base currency.


Do you define your products in pounds and purchases in kilograms? You can define them as you wish and perform operations, technical charts and adjustments on any unit, the system converts everything to your unit and number of units per pack that you have by default.

Maximum Security

Designed under ISO 15408 standards and tested against the 10 most commonly used attacks against management systems. You can define exactly who, from where, how and when your data is accessed and managed.


From management you can access all settings, operational modules (Purchases, sales, human resources, inventories, transfers, etc.), view your reports and analyze your accounting. 

The execution environment allows you to perform the key operations of your business: sales, reservations, service orders, etc. This allows you to separate the work that your employees do on a daily basis with which your managers or administrators perform. 

Both environments are fully synchronized and the information changes made in one of them are updated in real time in the other, ensuring the integrity of the information. In the same order of ideas, identify and ignore repeated information to save time. 

The runtime environment has an interface designed to be operated from touch devices, making it easier to use on computers, tablets and smartphones.


K - Manager, it's a web system. You don't have to install it on all your computers, you only need a server and a connection to the other terminals, it doesn't require special specifications or advanced performance, it works on wireless networks and uses RIA (Rich Internet Applications) technology, which means you'll have in your browser a window-based application, almost equal to your desktop. 

Plus, all over a single page with a tab, making it quick and easy to switch views without having to load new components. 

With 8 years of continuous development and its application in more than 45 domestic and foreign companies, we ensure ease, usability, reliability, modularity, scalability, efficiency and efficiency in the use of your information.


You'll be able to see your supplier portfolio, store and store management, definition of up to three payment methods during purchases 

- Paid
- Prepayment
- For Paying 

Of course, with its due accounting treatment, automatic linkage to payment methods, assimilation of expenses during purchases (Discounts and Transports). You will also have automatic generation of ledger vouchers, ease of purchase in any unit of measure and units per pack, ease of purchase in any currency, automatic coding of purchase vouchers, configuration of purchase statuses associated with user permits 

- Created
- Updated
- Approved 

And more...

100% Customized

Everything is configurable, no parameters are fixed. You don't have to adapt to the system, the system will adapt to you.

Complete Automation

All the processes of your company in a single system. From managing your purchases to paying your workers. You can forget about paper data or repeated information.

Economic-financial analysis

Now you have up-to-date accounting, the system will generate your seats and you will have access to all the financial information of your business. Estimate, plan, execute, review and analyze your economy with a professional accounting module fully integrated into your day-to-day operations.

Focused on cost analysis

It carries the cost of each product, elaboration, dish, area, process. A system designed on cost accounting to give you accurate information about your profit margins based on nationally and internationally validated indicators.


We offer you from the definition of categories with multiple levels, product management, control of minimums and maximums of stocks by areas, automatic calculation of costs, as well as determination of warehouses and sales areas, automatic coding of products, bar control system by controlling bottle weights, setting product costs for each area according to any type of configuration (minimum cost , maximum cost, weighted cost, average cost, last cost. 

Similarly, we include inventory adjustments and daily adjustments, assignment and disposal of products in areas, and automatic generation of ledger entries to product accounts during inventory management. 

Now every time you think about inventorying, being so simple, you will do it with a smile !


We drive from 

  • Charge management 
  • Managing payment groups 
  • Attendance management 
  • Support dialing interface (shift, direct, card, fingerprint readers, IDENTITY card QR code or other means) 
  • Employee management 
  • Allocation of employees in areas 
  • Allocation of charges 
  • Schedule and holiday management 
  • Automatic calculation of salaries according to configurable parameters including commission distributions, extra payment management, paid vacation management 
Each company is different and we adapt to yours!

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