Digital Strategy​

Start with knowing yourself, your market, and your customers. Understanding is the key for success in a crowded, digital-centric world.

Ecommerce Management​

Ecommerce is hard and unrelenting — get a leg up with holistic strategies to engage your customers online, on mobile, and in-store.

Digital Marketing​

Stand out from the pack with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Look amazing and target your messages with precision.

UI Design​

Everything you see has been designed by someone — products have to be thoughtful, intentional and responsive to the feel and expectations of those that use it. We bring design thinking into digital.

Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality​

Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Mixed (MR) reality is here and it's becoming more mainstream. It's a totally new skill set that blends design, 3D animation, architecture, and development together.


Customer Support software is the way large companies manage and triage customer requests. We work with all the industry favorites, including ZenDesk, FreshDesk and SalesForce but we prefer Bitrix24 solutions.

Content Production​

Your message is the heart of what your customers understand about your business. We help you decide, hone and implement that message across text, images, video, animation and social.


A great brand is recognizable, distinct, and oozing in your business’s personality. We work with you on your brand definition, positioning, and foundational planning. Then we make it look great with a comprehensive brand book to apply everywhere.


As a marketing agency, our goal is to provide our clients with the best visual experience in which we turn your ideas into reality thanks to our graphic design team. 

We create for you an attractive, effective, functional visual communication that is always aligned with the marketing objectives of your company, to create a brand image, build engagement and increase preference among consumers. 

We offer you at all times the support of a team of professionals who are passionate about doing their work collaboratively with you and your business.


 "The real delight is in exploring and not in knowing." 
- Isaac Asimov.

A site should be more than just a cover letter. A website must function as the growth engine of your brand, that is why we develop sites accompanied by a strategy that gives the user experience of navigating in a clear and interactive way.

We develop online stores that support multiple payment methods with international coverage and modules according to your needs. 

We create effective forms that facilitate the process of converting visitors to prospects, subscribers or customers. 


Using our own agile and structured methodology model to satisfy the needs of robust business processes; We have managed to execute large-scale project deployments with the greatest possible time optimization. 

That is why our infrastructure specialists pay attention to every detail of the existing requirements in each business process and sub-process. 

Our priority is to optimize time and costs to increase profits. Maintain the deployment of the requested services under the highest standards and highest possible quality. 

No matter how simple or difficult the requirements are, our engineers will find a way to automate your processes to measure and without intervening with your regular flow.

we are here for you

In our agency, all the members share something in common: talent, the ability to see “beyond”, and the goal of developing and magnifying the companies of all our clients. 

At Kdneta Labs we have professionals concerned about putting themselves in our client's shoes and anticipating their needs. 

We assure you a dedicated, personalized and effective support. The support that knows that in our sector, the key is flexibility and agility.

we are your partners

Finding a digital marketing agency has become an adventure, there are countless options for agencies of all sizes, but if you analyze it, they all say, do and promise you practically the same thing. 

What companies today need are advisers and allies who take the time to listen to their problems and help them achieve their goals, and we do that at Kdenta Labs. 

We are your digital advisor and we will guide your business on the right path to achieve your goals, however it takes place. 

Do you want to take your company to the next level?

free crm ?     
we got it...

Communications, Project Management, CRM, Contact Center, Website Builder, Landing, Stores and much more... 

 7,000,000 companies already trust the platform ...
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